Understanding Culture In Order To Understand People

Last year the Lord took me on a long and arduous journey to tie together some lessons He was laying on my heart before culture wars erupted. I've shed many tears birthing these lessons. God especially burdened me with some of the things I share below months before culture wars culminated. The video below is one of the many aspects of culture that the Lord taught me for such a time as this. I hope this video blesses you and gives you insight into God's heart for the people he created. Culture is a vast subject and I will be posting more videos like this one here on Wisdom for the Christian.

As you watch this; remember that good judgment is necessary to know and understand truth. However, if we want to understand people we need to take interest in them that we might know how to win them over to Christ and help them in their process of acculturation (Philippians 2).

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