The Night that Hope Died and the Day it was Resurrected (Poem).


I remember the night where my hope died.

I stepped into darkness wishing to die.

The sun lost its glimmer and flowers became grey.

Can you revive my hope again....

It was not the first disillusionment that’s hindered my soul,

but a trail of sorrows of loss and failed hopes.

The youthful smile that kept rising again,

was put to death, by the thought that things could not change.

Heartbreak after heartbreak finally led to my ☝️ Love.

He found me kicking about in my blood (Ezequiel 16:6).

He asked for my hurt and I gave him my heart.

He promised his love that would never to part.

He lifted my spirit out of the dust.

His love pursued me into the dusk.

Even in failure he keeps fighting for me.

My Love Rejoices over me (Zephaniah 3:17).

At first it was easy to sing for joy,

but sometimes he steps back to heal my soul (Psalm 10:1).

Come forth my bride, my spirit will help (Revelations 22: 17).

Arise from your ashes I have made you well (2 Timothy 1:7).

Your word gives me strength, my hope is in you.

Teach me to sing a brand new tune (Psalm 96:1).

Little by little I have learned to say yes,

To surrender control, and allow Him, my soul to change.

Although at times my spirit resists,

he patiently endures, my soul to submit (Genesis 6:3 & Romans 8:34).

I do not know why his interest was spurred,

but I do know that even in darkness, his spirit prevails (Jonah 2).

We now have a history of deep love (Songs of Songs),

in the midst of fog my heart has learned to trust (Psalm 139:7-12).

All his promises are sound, sure, and true.

His faithful love lifted my life out of the tomb (John 11:44).

*Dedicated to those whose hope died at a young age due to the loss of a parent; whether through death, neglect, or a parent who walked away. It's not easy when parents cause the first heartbreak, but Jesus can love and mend a broken heart.

"Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close"

Psalm 27:10

"...I am the Lord, your healer..."

Exodus 15:26b

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