The Sufferings of Christ - Spoken Word

We don’t understand why the lord allows us to walk through certain things, but he does. Sometimes they're for our healing. Sometimes they're for the purpose of building endurance for a specific call. But sometimes their simply isn’t another answer than the privilege of drinking from His cup- to invite IN the sufferings of Christ!

A Word For the Weary:

Dear, farmer don't give up, tears water the ground your on, be faithful to plant your seed, he promises your harvest will be sweet.

To be weak is to be fully dependent on God; to truly know your fallen frame and the God who promises to sustain. It is here that we learn, that sometimes their is no satisfactory answer than to cry with those who hurt. For only God can appease a grieving heart but to stand close, is to do your part. walk, serve, and endure, be patient with those who mourn. To be a friend, to find sweet fellowship, even In the midst of the storm; after all we are all in the same boat; Gods will, sweet brokenness at times, rejection, at times isolation, but it is here where we also find redemption, a treasure of hope, hope that endures. The freedom to fail because we know we’ll surely be held. Momment by momment, step by step, to know we live on borrowed breath.

To know that relief does come at the perfect time, even if it is not our time. To know that their is a way, even if things don't go our way. To know that he is not our enemy but our loving friend, to know that He is always for us, even when it feels like things do not make scence.

To love him just for him, to hold him dearly. To be free to give him praise even when he takes away.

To give him freedom for our hearts to cleanse. To say yes even when it hurts.

He teaches us to fight the good fight and his answer is always right; even when it makes us cringe, his loving sword is faithful to heal.

And after great darkness their is greater light, and the day will come when you'll look back. Yes, you have stood because you stood on solid ground, the rock was your foundation and he does not drown. Once a picture that didn’t make sence is now a beautiful array. You look into his eyes, and humbled you cry; Holy Holy is your name, I am humbled by your grace! A God so lifted high, stood with me by my side, Oh how i couldnt see, that you were with me even in the depths of the sea. Faithful faithful is his name, He kept his promise and Did not throw me away. I am his and He is mine, a faithful lover at my side.

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